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Welcome to the CSU Book Exchange

The Book Exchange is a commission free service to help students buy/sell books from each other without any middle-men marking up the prices. You set the prices, you get 100% of the selling price. You can add and search for books via the website. You can find us in the following locations:
Before Sept 7th: Sir George William (SGW) 7th floor of the Hall Building (open between 10AM-5PM)
Starting Sept 7th: SGW: 2nd floor mezannine table between 12PM-4PM & Loy: SC-115 at the CSU Loyola Office (12PM-4PM)

Starting Sept 19th: SGW: 7th floor offices between 10AM-6PM & Loy: SC-115 at the CSU Loyola Office (12PM-4PM)

Sept 20th, 2011 - New Times/Locations

The CSU Book Exchange service locations has been updated, please note that it will be operating in the CSU Office at Loyola (SC-115) and on the the CSU Offices (7th floor Hall Bldg) between 10AM-6PM

Fall 2011 BookX is in Progress

The Book Exchange is now accepting books for drop off and for sale at our CSU Offices Downtown SGW (H-711) and Loyola (SC-115).


Arts and Science

ENCS (engineering, computer sci.)

Fine Arts

JMSB (business, accounting, marketing, etc.)

Other Books (not academic)

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